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ACME Financial Inc got its start in 1997 when industry veteran Shane Bruce created a space that aimed to provide clients with A Complete Money Experience. From there, ACME Mortgage Professionals and ACME Financial Services were developed as a comprehensive and full service brokerage that cater to every mortgage, insurance, investment and financial planning need, providing independent advice and solutions at no cost to the client.

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Our Team

Danielle Andrews

p: (709) 738-2263
c: (709) 765-5519
e: danielle@acmefinancial.com
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Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP)

Danielle Andrews - AMP

Danielle is a Mortgage Solutions Specialist with several years' experience in the banking and mortgage industry. Danielle has been commended for her excellent client service approach and builds lasting and trusting relationships with clients whether they are purchasing for the first time, investing in property or refinancing their current mortgage. Danielle breathes life into a sometimes hectic and technical process to ensure smooth sailing every step of the way.

Danielle is the only AMP (Accredited Mortgage Professional) in Newfoundland with a Life Licence which ensures that you have more tools at your disposal to guarantee that you are protected and educated when it comes to your assets.

Connect with Danielle: danielle@acmefinancial.com

Michael Lucas

p: (709) 738-2263
c: (709) 727-8635
e: michael@acmefinancial.com
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Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP)

Michael Lucas - BA, AMP

Michael holds an Arts degree in Political Science and Business from Memorial University as well as certificate in Public Administration.

Michael has been serving the public in the mortgage industry for over 6 years and agrees it is the most rewarding role of his to date. Previous to working as a mortgage professional Michael worked as political assistant to several senior Newfoundland politicians both federal and provincially.

Aside from residential mortgages, Michael deals frequently in commercial financing as well as consumer credit rebuilding.

Connect with Michael: michael@acmefinancial.com

Cheryl Stoyles-Sellars

p: (709) 738-2263
c: (709) 764-9734
e: cheryl@acmefinancial.com
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Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP)

Cheryl Stoyles-Sellars - AMP

Cheryl Stoyles-Sellars has been helping clients realize their dreams of home ownership since 1994. She started her career with Cabot Associates, which celebrated it’s 35th year in the mortgage brokerage industry in 2010, and has been with Verico ACME Mortgage Professionals since it opened its doors in 1997. She has the distinct honor of being one of the first female mortgage brokers to be licensed in Newfoundland.

In an industry that is constantly evolving, she has seen quite a few changes. She has seen the traditional mortgage client’s profile consisting of good credit and employment stability, change to the not so standard client such as those who own their own business or clients with credit issues or lack of down payment. The clients of today do not always fit the conventional lending institution guidelines. Cheryl works with all of her clients to tailor a mortgage to their specific financing needs.

Advising on the best interest rates and terms for her clients and coordinating between the lender, the realtors and the lawyers to obtain a client’s mortgage are some of the many aspects of her profession.

Cheryl was awarded in April of 2005 with the Accredited Mortgage Professional designation by the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP), a governing body that sets the standards for ensuring its members maintain the highest ethics and practices for the mortgage industry. With this designation, Cheryl has always and will continue to ensure that her clients’ best interest is the first priority.

Connect with Cheryl: cheryl@acmefinancial.com

Jerry Jackman

p: (709) 738-2263
c: (709) 725-2253
e: jerry@acmefinancial.com
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Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP)

Jerry Jackman - B. Comm

Jerry graduated from Memorial University with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in 1991, with a specialization in the field of sales and marketing.  He has been employed in the Financial Services Industry for over 20 years with Sales Management experience in both the banking and financial planning industry. He was awarded Regional Sales Awards while employed at RBC and was appointed to the Division Director Advisory Group for Atlantic Canada during his tenure with Investors Group.

He has been an active community volunteer with Canadian Blood Services and was just recently appointed to the Board of Directors with Canadian Hard of Hearing Association – NL Chapter. Jerry also supports the local school community by volunteering for the Breakfast Program at St. Andrew’s Elementary. He has also acted as both the Chairperson and Corporate Recruitment Chair for the TELUS Walk to Cure Diabetes in St. John's. 

Jerry has been acting as a Mortgage Advisor for the last three years helping his clients realize their dream of Home Ownership.

Connect with Jerry: jerry@acmefinancial.com

Chris Stirling

p: (709) 738-2263
c: (709) 691-3141
e: chris@acmefinancial.com
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Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP)

Chris Stirling - CFP

Chris joined ACME financial services in 2014 after 30 years in the Banking and Financial services industry. During that time he received numerous awards for his outstanding customer service and highest commendations from clients he helped over the years.

With decades of mortgage experience he prides himself on the ability to save his clients’ money. His motto:  “The money is better in my clients pocket than the Bank’s”.

Always looking for ways to improve and protect his clients financial interests, Chris began his studies in financial planning and received his Certified Financial Planners (CFP) license in 1999.  In today’s constantly changing environment he ensures the highest standards of service through continuing education in the Financial Services Industry.

Whether you are considering the purchase of your first home and would like the guidance of his experience or an existing home owner looking to put money in “your” pocket and less in the Bank’s, Chris will show you how.

“THINK OUTSIDE THE BANK...Call me Chris Stirling Today”

Connect with Chris: chris@acmefinancial.com

Cheryl Beattie

p: (709) 738-2263
c: (709) 689-2263
e: cbeattie@acmefinancial.com

Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP)

Cheryl Beattie - VP Realtor Relations

After 35 years in the service industry, including the last 10 as a Realtor with various Real Estate brands, I realized that there was more work to be done. The gap between Real Estate Agents, the mortgages that bind them to successful buyer transactions and the mortgage people‎ available out there, I felt that more expertise was required.

As a devout supporter of ACME Mortgage Professionals over the years, I felt that helping them help Realtors and their buyers was a natural fit, and here I am today....my only job is to liaise between agents, their buyers and the team of ACME Mortgage Professionals to help traverse through the maze of mortgage requirements, ensure Realtors are serviced and the Accredited Mortgage Professionals have business to underwrite to support their agent referral sources and the home buyers that count on them all.

If you would like to be part of this new and exciting venture and to learn how we can help you make more sales, make more money, and provide better service then contact me today...

Connect with Cheryl Beattie: cbeattie@acmefinancial.com

Corinne Whalen

p: (709) 738-2263
f: (709) 754-1925
e: corinne@acmefinancial.com

Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP)

Corinne Whalen

Corinne acts as the liaison between all of our professionals involved in the home buying process. Corinne regulates mortgage broker documents, performing quality control from start to finish while providing support to all team members..... Previous to her role with ACME, Corinne spent several years at the corporate level as office manager in the financial services industry in Ontario. She is often referred to by her coworkers as the “Glue” that holds it all together!

Connect with Corinne: corinne@acmefinancial.com

Frank Bruce - Cabot Associates

p: (709) 437-1824
c: (709) 738-2263
e: frank@acmefinancial.com

Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP)

Frank Bruce

Starting in 1972 after a career in the finance business, Frank is the original and longest running mortgage broker in Newfoundland. Originally operating under the banner Cabot Associates (Charlie and Bruce of Traders), Frank today is still servicing his clients but under the ACME banner although ACME still uses some of the original "Cabot" fax and phone numbers.

A true leader in this industry, and an endless source of information and inspiration to the ACME team, Frank can still be reached at the office, at home, or through email on his laptop.

Connect with Frank: frank@acmefinancial.com

Shane Bruce

p: (709) 746-0808
e: shane@acmefinancial.com

Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP)

Shane Bruce - AMP

As the President of ACME Group of Companies, Shane’s focus is primarily on management consulting; concentrating on Real Estate companies, business management, financial services (mortgages, investments, insurance, employee benefits) and sales training.

Shane holds the Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP) designation and brings decades of experience to the financial services and business consulting industry.

Connect with Shane: shane@acmefinancial.com